Service Desk Automation

Enable the business clients through self- service, and the Automated delivery of services through 24 x7 automations designed on AutoProcess. Automate your Incident Requests and Service Requests by 80 % using AutoWit’s automation platform. Achieve up-to 98% of your SLA’s and reduce MTTR rate. Automate L1 & L2 tasks like Password Reset, AD Account Creation, Server provisioning and much more to achieve higher productivity in your organization.

Business Process Automation

All organization has various business groups and all groups have some set of processes that are monotonous, rule-based and time consuming which are also prone to human error. AutoWit’s Automation platform automates such processes like data extraction, employee onboarding, processing transactions, integrating various disparate data systems etc. AutoProcess ensures that all such processes across the organization are done efficiently at reduced cost with utmost accuracy.

IT Process Automation

IT Process Automation
We aim to streamline your overall IT operations by automating monotonous tasks as well as taking away the risk of human errors at the same time. This gives you time to focus on bigger things. Increase infrastructure resiliency and safeguard business continuity by implementing autonomous IT Operations. Gain real time visibility into dynamic, changing infrastructure, reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and at the same time predict and prevent outages by applying AutoWit’s Ai-Ops IT Process Automation Solution.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation is rapidly becoming a “must have” as opposed to a “nice to have”. Organizations are moving towards cloud automation for assistance, optimization, and management of their IT infrastructure. Cloud automation is ensuring the business flexibility and end-user’s ease. Automate your cloud provisioning processes on different platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP and others. Use AutoProcess’s pre-built plugins to automate and orchestrate cloud processes end to end to achieve rapid results.

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